Refund Policy

Last Modified: November 16, 2022

Trial License

You can use the Free Version of DarkMySite from WordPress as trial which will grant you sufficient features to test DarkMySite and get to know our product well before you make your decision about a paid plan. During this free trial period, a credit card is not required.

Paid subscription

Once you decide to subscribe, you are required to select a plan based on your requirements and provide your billing and payment details. You are not required to do this unless you are certain that our product suits your needs.

As a customer, you are responsible for all charges you subscribe to. Since our free plugin is designed to ensure customers make informed decisions, some premium features are not available to use in the Free Plugin. As a result, if you feel that the premium features are not working as expected after purchasing, you can request for a full refund by contacting us . Refunds can only be processed if they are requested within 15 days after purchasing.

This policy is applicable to all customers, who are responsible for all charges they incur as part of their subscription.

Cancelling the license

You can cancel your paid license at any time by contacting us either by directly at emailing to [email protected] or by visiting contact page on our website: for simply canceling the subscription. After cancelation, your premium plugin will stop working immediately.

Right to refuse service

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse. If our staff members are intentionally abused, offended or disrespected we reserve the right to refuse service. In this event, a refund will not be issued and you will no longer have access to our support services.

For more information regarding our service please refer to Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.