Features of DarkMySite

Feature that makes DarkMySite the most powerful and easy to use Dark Mode Plugin for WordPress. It's not the end, more are being developed.

Frontend Dark Mode

Apply dark mode to your website with a single click. The plugin uses advanced technology to understand your website structure for the best design output.

Admin Panel Dark Mode

Dark mode for your WordPress Admin Panel. Enhance your editing experience with a dark and sleek interface.

Default Dark Mode

Automatically display your website in dark mode. Set your website to dark mode by default and let visitors turn it off if they prefer.

OS Aware Dark Mode

Automatically detects each user's operating system settings and switches to dark mode accordingly, providing a personalized experience.

Time Based Dark Mode

Automatically switch based on local time. The plugin can be set to automatically turn on dark mode based on the user's local time.

Keyboard Shortcut

Effortlessly switch between light and dark mode with DarkMySite. Quick keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Alt+D or detect device's OS mode for automatic activation.

Multiple Floating Switch Designs

Choose a switch design to match your site. Choose from multiple floating switch designs to match the style of your website.

Customizable Switch

Match the switch to your branding. Customize the switch's appearance to match your brand's colors and style.

Draggable Floating Switch

Let your visitors control their experience with DarkMySite's draggable user button. They can change the button's position on the landing page to their liking.

Switch in Menu

Add a switch to your menu for easy access. The switch can be added to your menu for quick and convenient access by your visitors.

Shortcode Switch

Show the switch anywhere on your site. Use the shortcode to show the switch anywhere on your site, making it accessible from any page or post.

Color Presets with Customization

Multiple presets and the ability to customize them. Choose from multiple color presets or create your own custom preset to match your brand.

Image Control

Provides control over images, allowing you to adjust brightness, grayscale, background darkening, and inversion of inline SVGs in dark mode.

Element Restrictions

Customize the dark mode experience by specifying which elements to enable or disable. Target elements by their tag name, class name, or id for precise control.

Page-Specific Restrictions

Determine which pages of your website should display in dark mode and which should not with page-specific restrictions.

Post-Specific Restrictions

Fine-tune the dark mode experience by choosing which posts display in dark mode and which do not with post-specific restrictions.

Custom CSS

Enhance the dark mode display even further with the ability to write custom CSS. Style elements in your own unique way to truly match your brand.

Page Builder Compatibility

This plugin is compatible with popular page builders such as Divi Builder, WP Bakery, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Oxygen Builder, and Elementor.